Welcome to EFC Wealth Management

Since 2002, EFC has helped individuals make sense of the complicated world of retirement planning. We specialize in three main areas. The first area is helping corporate employees transition from their jobs into retirement by focusing on designing and implementing the right retirement portfolio to help them maintain their desired Lifestyle. The second area of expertise is helping business owner’s structure and create the right retirement plan for them and their employees. The third area we specialize in is working with Women Investors, we pride ourselves in helping women take charge in their financial independence.

We strive to become the partner they deserve and desire, to help them build their own financial dynasty. We will help them feel more confident about their future by educating them with our financial workshops and webinars and help them to make informed financial decisions while becoming empowered. Our teams of wealth advisers are highly experienced and completely independent. EFC Wealth Management strives to actively manage risk as it seeks attractive returns in the world’s financial markets. EFC Wealth Management’s objective approach, using a combination of traditional and alternative investments, offers its clients opportunities for growth and capital preservation.

Ours is a long-term business built on trust and partnership with our clients. At EFC Wealth Management, we work with our clients every step of the way to create flexible solutions designed to best meet our clients’ specific needs. As a smaller specialty firm, we are able to provide a personal and focused approach and the dedicated support you may not find in larger firms, without giving up the knowledge, research, and experience needed to get the job done.