Cory and Delilah Chapman


Cory J. Chapman – Chief Executive Officer/Managing Partner

Started his career as an insurance agent with Acacia Financial Center in Encino, CA in 1995. He quickly rose through the ranks and became one of Southern California’s premier insurance agents. With a thirst to increase his knowledge and desire to help his clients, he went on to become registered in the securities industry and obtained and passed the following series exams 6, 7, 63, 65, 26, 24 to become a principal in the securities industry. He also went out and obtained his licenses in the Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgage Lending Industries all while being certified as a paralegal specializing in Estate Planning.

In 2003, Cory started his own Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firm. EFC Wealth Management Firm has helped thousands of individuals make sense of the complicated world of retirement planning. EFC specializes in working with three types of clients. The first type of client is the corporate employee transitioning from their jobs into retirement by focusing on designing and implementing the right retirement portfolio to help them maintain their desired lifestyle. The second type of clients are business owners looking to structure and create the right retirement plan not only for themselves but their employees, as well. The last type of client we specialize in are women investors. We pride ourselves in helping women take charge in their financial independence. We become the partner they deserve and desire to help them build their own financial dynasty.

With over twenty years experience in the financial services industry, Cory been the key note speaker at several of Los Angeles premiere organizations. He has been featured as the Financial Expert on the reality show, “The Decision House” and radio station 94.7 The Wave in Southern California; currently boasting 1.3 million weekly listeners. As well as being featured in numerous financial articles and magazines, he also is a published author of two books.

Cory’s philosophy is ‘Keep It Simple.’ The world of finance doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s the advisor’s job to simplify the process and educate the client so they truly understand what their financial objectives are, and more importantly how to achieve their desired financial goals. If, after your first meeting with your advisor, you are more confused than you were before you came in, then the advisor didn’t do their job well. You should leave your first meeting feeling like you have a trusted advisor that will partner with you and help navigate your financial road map.

Cory is more than a financial advisor; he is a wealth coach. Not only does he provide clients with financial help such as saving and planning for retirement, he shows them how to build financial confidence in their life, now, and in the future. Cory helps clients understand everything from money to finances to business and much more. Cory Chapman truly believes wealth is a mindset. He is ready to work with clients who desire change, are willing to accept responsibility for the financial future, and be held accountable for their actions. Contact Cory and take the steps necessary to build financial confidence wealth today!


Delilah Chapman

Partner / Director of Operations Delilah is an integral part of the EFC operations. Not only is she the principal of our Insurance services business, she plays an active role in making sure that each client is truly valued and has an “Elite Experience.” She is committed to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with are clients. Delilah encourages the team to provide outstanding service and sincere dedication to the success of our clients. She also oversees day to day activity of our operations team while maintaining an active role in building and maintaining the systems, processes, and keeping our team on track. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies, along with a CA Teaching Credential. She has also obtained her California Life Insurance Licenses and has over 15 years of experience in training and development of individuals and teams. She is an accomplished speaker and Personal Development Coach. Delilah is the backbone of this firm. Together with her husband of 20 years, they have created a positive work environment that is both rewarding and fun for their employees.

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